My favorite things – June 29th

It’s been getting a little heavy up in this blogedy blog lately so I decided to share with you some of my favorite things.  And like Oprah, I’m giving them to you all. B/c they are free so I can afford it. Maybe you can try to find the pleasure in these same things or share your own.  I’d like to hear about it!

  1. When I realize I haven’t been on Facebook or the news all day.  I am happy in the moment and proud of myself. I recognize that both places can be toxic for me.
  1. The first sip of coffee in the morning.  There is nothing like the first sip. You can’t replicate it.  Sometimes I hold onto my cup… gazing into it to savor the anticipation.  Sips two and three are pretty good. But there is only one sip one.
  1. A serious hug.  I don’t mean a quick hello or goodbye hug.  I mean a solid hug. When someone you know has had a bad day or vice versa.  It doesn’t even have to be someone you are close to. Sometimes those surprise hugs are what you didn’t know you need.  I read and shared an article with my friend Jen a long time ago, that you need to hold a hug for at least 40 seconds to release the max amount of oxytocin in the brain.  And Jen never forgets a thing. She NEVER lets go before 40 seconds. I have some skilled hugger friends.
  1. My favorite silly thing with the kids is when we sit around the breakfast table and make up stories about the puppy.  We dream about writing a series of children’s books about Syrup’s misadventures. Like when she explores past the invisible fence and thinks she is traveling the world and goes looking for the North Pole to find Santa.  
  1. My most MOST favorite thing is when Dave and I rock out to the radio in the car.  When all four of us are piled in and we have on the 80’s or 90’s station. I LOVE LOVE these moments.  Singing at top volume to REO Speedwagon or Bon Jovi, or I love when Dave raps to Spice Girls “Wanna Be”.  The kids merely tolerate us weird and uncool parents. But it’s something that keeps our connection. I am reminded that before Dave became Daddy, he was my best friend.  The one I want to have the most laughs with…and the most everything.